Croixdawg Video 09 - Various Levels 


Croixdawg plays various levels in this video, a $520, $115 and $34.50 on PokerStars.  Included are opponents that vary as much as the buyin level, specifically a game against an overbettor and another against a passive player.

Two constant themes are patience and picking the right spots to adjust in.

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RyPac13 Video 04 - Two Regular Speed Games 

RyPac13 plays the $10.50 regular speed husngs on PokerStars.  Wide hand ranges on dry boards, value extraction and bet sizing are discussed.

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RyPac13 Video 03 - Low Stakes Bodog 

RyPac13 plays $6.25 and $11.50 husngs on Bodog.  Included is an example of taking advantage of the weak parts of an opponent's range while still extracting full value out of the stronger hands.

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