turbo speed

u cnat spel Video 2 - $200 and $300 Turbos vs Regular 

u cnat spel plays PokerStars regular nocht at the $200 and $300 turbo speed level on PokerStars.

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u cnat spel Video 1 - Two Tabling $60 Turbos 

u cnat spel debuts with a two tabling video at the $60 turbo speed level on PokerStars. Also known as Coffee N Ciggz, he discusses his thought process behind his actions.

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PHMEC Live Play $110 and $220 Turbos on Black Chip Poker 

PHMERC plays two $110 level and one $220 level turbo speed heads up poker matches on Black Chip. He talks about making the best decision possible in tough spots, and making assumptions with limited information as a sample size of information and tendencies is built.

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Overbetting the River Concept Video by Bryanusftw 

Bryanusftw makes his first concept video, a production on overbetting the river in heads up poker. He opens with slides discussing important points, then reviews multiple hands exemplifying the main topics.

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Big Stack, Small Stack Part 5 

In the final part of their series, Heybude and Mersenneary review three hands, Lotte Lenya versus Fishenzon, Yanivbli versus qihu00 and Harthor versus Pokinho18. Hands take place at the $5,000 turbo speed and $1,000 hyper turbo levels on PokerStars.

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