Big Stack, Small Stack Part 3 

Mersenneary and Heybude analyze more short stack and deeper stack hands in part three of their five part series. They discuss a pair of hands played by Berndsen12, and another Lotte Lenya vs Fishenzon hand. Limping ranges, postflop aggression and advanced hand reading are the main topics in this video.

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Fydor_8 HUSNG Leakfinder 1/17/12 - Starting Out 

Fydor Low Stakes Beginner Heads Up Poker Video Review

Fydor reviews play for a newer player in this video, discussing the downsides to slowplaying hands, the importance of value betting, the psychology behind abnormal bet sizings and limping. There is an emphasis on improving preflop play in this lower stakes leakfinder video.

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Barewire in the $1050 Heads Up WCOOP Tournament (Part 3) 

Barewire $1050 Heads Up Poker Deep Stack Game Flow Video

In part 3 of Barewire's Heads Up WCOOP Series, he discusses big mistakes heads up sng players make at deep effective stack levels.  He also discusses bet sizing, gameflow and slowing down in spots where you're weak to protect your range.

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Fydor_8 HUSNG Leakfinder 9/1/11 

Fydor HUSNG Leakfinder discusses timing tells

In this HUSNG leakfinder, Fydor talks about breaking away from standard robotic play and getting back to thinking before each decision.  A spot where slowplaying is preferable to auto betting is discussed, as well as sewing up timing tell leaks and making the most use of the information offered to you by your opponent.  The match being reviewed takes place at the $30 turbo speed level on PokerStars.

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Croixdawg Video 05 - Part 1 

In this video, Croixdawg discusses slowplaying in position, playing at larger blinds and the difference in style from playing a solid regular to a spewy newcomer.

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