Barewire in the $1050 Heads Up WCOOP Tournament (Part 11) 

Barewire WCOOP Heads Up Poker Video on Playing Draws

Barewire concludes his WCOOP series by talking about playing draws, both strong and weak. He also discusses how his opponent could play his weak hands better.

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ITRIED2WARNU Video 19 - Tournament Series Part 3 

ITRIED2WARNU discusses his 6th and final match of the Heads-Up Tournament Series.  He focuses on preflop play, bet sizing, and how board texture will often play a major role in double barreling.

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ITRIED2WARNU Video 17 - Tournament Series Part 1 

ITRIED2WARNU opens his Tournament Series with two matches.  He discusses some interesting hands, bluff catching and how to stay patient and adjust against opponents who frequently 3 bet.

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Cog Dissonance Video 16 - WCOOP Special II 

Cog Dissonance continues his play of WCOOP event #24 in part II.

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PrimordialAA Archive Video 04 - Nightly $109 On Stars Part 2 


This is part 2 of the nightly $109 matches.  Part 2 was previously unseen.

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