3-bet ranges

Chadders0 $200-500 Level Hyper Turbos 

Chadders takes to the hyper turbos on PokerStars, playing anywhere from 1 to 4 tables at the $200-500 buyin levels. He talks about 3-bet ranges and how to deal with over aggressive opponents.

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ITRIED2WARNU Merge Leakfinder 

ITRIED heads up sng poker leakfinder

ITRIED2WARNU reviews the play for a HUSNG.com member at the $33 level on the Merge Network.  The heroes play against two villains is discussed and what changes are necessary, including 3bet ranges at ~20bb and opening raise sizing.

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Mersenneary at the $105 and $230 Levels 

Mers 2 tables regular speed and turbo heads up sngs.

Mersenneary plays two $100 + 5 regular speed matches against regulars, before adding a $220 + 10 after seeing a good spot in the lobby.  He discusses good hands to use in your 3bet bluffing range against these types, how some regs make their holdings too obvious, and good strategies his opponents used against him.

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