Big Stack, Small Stack Part 2 

In the second edition of their series, Mersenneary and Heybude review a short stack hand played between Pokinho18 and Roundsky, and a deeper stacked hand played between Lotte Lenya and Fishenzon. They pour over each decision with a level of detail not found in most videos.

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Sa1251 Faces a New Super Turbo Regular 

In his latest video, Sa1251 plays a regular who is new to his levels. He talks about his process of breaking down the player's game and what he has learned about it since the video. There is also discussion of 3-bet assumptions, using a practical approach.

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Big Stack, Small Stack Part 1 

Heybude and Mersenneary team up to review a deeper stacked heads up poker hand and a shorter stacked hand in a special video. The small stack hand is played between high stakes players Pokinho18 and Bartels30. The deeper stacked hand is played between Lotte Lenya and Fishenzon. Heybude and Mersenneary discuss some interesting concepts, and take a very detailed look at every single aspect of each hand. Included are 3-bet calling ranges, flop bluffing decisions and a very strong emphasis on the assumptions that go into hand range makeup.

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JackTheShipper Heads Up Tournament Series Continues 

JackTheShipper plays Maxim Lykov PokerStars Pro in this Poker Video

JackTheShipper begins round three of the $215 heads up tournament, facing PokerStars Pro Maxim Lykov at the start of this video. Topics discussed in the poker video include 3-betting, trapping, quickly changing stack sizes, out of position hand ranges, bluffing and bet sizing.

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Mersenneary Reviews U Cnat Spell (Part 2) 

Mersenneary Reviews U Cnat Spell Again, Mid Stakes Heads Up SNG Poker

Mersenneary continues to review $200 two table footage of regular "u cnat spel" in this video. He discusses how to adapt to different types of opponents as he reviews interesting situations.

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