Brilliant27 - Regular Speed Matches 

Brilliant27 plays a trio of regular speed matches on Full Tilt, one at the $30 + 1.50 level and a pair at the $20 + 1 level.  The last two heads up sng matches are played against aggressive 2p2 user, "doridee."

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Brilliant27 - Deep Stack Heads Up Sit and Go 

Deep Stack Heads Up Sit and Go Poker Video Brilliant27

Brilliant27 plays a $20 + 1 level deep stack match on Full Tilt.  He discusses staying patient against impatient players, how simple value adjustments can often be the perfect strategy against players and other concepts from a veteran of this format.

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Fydor_8 HUSNG Leakfinder 12/30/10 

Fydor reviews a student's play at the $20 + 1 regular speed level on PokerStars.  He reinforces some fundamentals after the student experienced a downswing after moving up from the $5 + .25 level.

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Fydor_8 Leakfinder 9/15/10 

Fydor does a leakfinder for HUSNG.com member "gotthenut" at the $20 + 1 level on Full Tilt.

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Cog Dissonance Deep Stack Series Video 2 - $21 and $31.50 Levels 

Cog Dissonance plays two matches, one at the $20 + 1 level and the other at the $30 + 1.50 level in part two of the deep stack series.

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