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ShortSharpShock (carryhero) $100 Hyper Turbos (Part 1) 

In his solo debut, Shortsharpshock (carryhero) plays $100 hyper turbo games. He discusses his approach to his opponents, getting into a lot of post flop play, with a few limped pots as well.

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HokieGreg $200 Hyper Turbos 

In his latest video, HokieGreg reviews play at the $200 hyper turbo level on Revolution using PokerTracker 4's build in replayer. He uses extensive HUD analysis and discussion about specific adjustments to make to maximally exploit weakness in an opponent. There is also a lot of discussion about limped pots.

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Barewire $2100 SCOOP Hands (Part 1) 

Barewire opens his $2100 SCOOP Heads Up Poker Tournament Series with a review of interesting hands during his first round of play. Topics include floating against a high continuation bet percentage, not overplaying value hands deep and the merits of checking back versus betting a marginal hand in a 3 bet pot.

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Sa1251 Plays a Good $100 Hyper Turbo Regular 

Sa1251 faces off against former student and $100 regular yellowfin! in this two-tabling hyper turbo video. He discusses possible adjustments to make against a player that knows and incorporates similar techniques to his own game.

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Jared Hubbard Reviews Super Turbos 

Jared Hubbard reviews some of his first games in the super turbo structure in 2011. He discusses how he would play some of these hands differently with the knowledge he has today, and talks about what he did correctly in some spots as well.

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