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Bernardc Hyper Turbo HU Poker Class: Video Series (Preview Clip 3) Advanced Plays 

Bernardc talks about playing a big hand in this clip of the Advanced Plays segment of his upcoming video pack, released November 14th on His next live class is November 12th and you can visit to sign up for the class.

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Coffeeyay CoffeeHUD Strategy Video 

Coffeeyay uses the CoffeeHUD and PokerTracker 4 to help analyze and make decisions in this 28 minute free video.

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Barewire Faces Off Against Iftarii in PokerStars HU Poker Tournament (Part 2) 

Barewire faces off against high stakes heads up professional Iftarii in the 2nd half of his hand review video. He discusses a situation that comes up in a high stakes heads up poker tournament.

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Bernardc Hyper Turbo Class Video Series (Preview 2) 

Bernardc talks about preflop hand selection in this clip from one of his hyper turbo classes and upcoming hyper turbo class video.

Bernard has an upcoming hyper turbo group class on November 12th. The cost to attend is $200 and more information can be found on

Bernard's hyper turbo video pack, featuring almost 4 hours of recorded classes, will debut on November 14th for $219.

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Coffeeyay Introduction Video to Math in HUSNGs Video Pack 

Coffeeyay introduces his Math in HUSNGs video pack that takes videos from his previous standard membership HUSNG series and expands them into a comprehensive video pack. The video pack will be on sale soon.

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