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The Most Hated HUSNG Players 

I want to make it clear that the users that rank on this list shouldn't be treated as bad people or jerks, this is just a fun and entertaining blog post, nothing more and nothing less. The players that rank on this list probably just share the traits of using the chat a little more liberally and a little more aggressively than the rest of the playerbase.

Without further delay...

The Most Hated HUSNG Players

1. Siervos = 11 Points

More recently known for his war in the chat against livb112, Siervos appears to make that type of chat commonplace in his daily grind as a professional heads up poker player.

2. PHMERC = 9 Points

2. SpankyKirky = 9 Points

Graph Porn Returns 

More Incredible Heads Up Poker Graphs

If you missed part 1, check out the previous heads up sng graphs featured in my last blog entry. The premise is simple: find and share extreme graphs, usually great runs or terrible stretches of variance. Enjoy.

Running Like The Devil

RedGrape Heads Up Sit and Go Poker Super Turbo Variance Graph

Graph Porn 

The Sickest Heads Up SNG Poker Graphs

Have you ever heard of food porn? Food porn is basically a term referred to when people post visually spectacular pictures of food. That's the premise here, but with heads up graphs instead. I've assembled some of the most inspirational (and tilt inducing) HU graphs I could find for this post. Enjoy.

A special thanks to Sharkscope.com, without whom, many of us would have no idea what some of the best players are truly capable of. A tip of the cap to HEM, Top Shark and Poker Co-Pilot as well.


Dario Minieri's Record Setting Month

Dariominieri HUSNG Poker Graph Record Month Italy

PokerStars Policy on "TimeBanking" Stall Strategies 

I received a message from a regular heads up sng player on PokerStars today.  He was sitting another regular as part of his normal sessions, but this regular would use the maximum amount of time on every decision against him.  When checking the stalling player's other games, the stalling player was not using the maximum amount of time.

So the player sent the following email to PokerStars (and gave me permission to post these, names redacted):

The Five Hour (Poker) Work Week 

Does not exist.

Serkules has put in over 15,000 games at the tables this year.  Ricestud almost 24,000.  Livb112 over 7,000.  The latter two changed countries midway through the current year, not to mention livb has put in a lot of live poker time (WSOP, HU Champs, PAD, WPT, etc.).  Success doesn't come with a five hour work week in this industry.