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Well, finally got some momentum had a 30k week last week between and stakees which finally helped me get some decent profits for the year since i was prolly around breakeven before this. I was lucky enough to ship a 44 turbo/55 turbo and get 3rd inthe saturday 200 turbo. This month ive failed to get the type of volume ive wanted but was fairly close around 80-85 games a day i wanna atleast get up to 100-125 games a day turbo. Hope everyones doin well gl.


Its been awhile since I last updated things have definitely been changing a lot over the past few months.


2010 ended with me being up around 200k which is nice considering having several horrific month+ stretches. Most of that profit came in a freeroll where i biniked off 123k. I also got 11th in ftop 1 and 30th in ftop ME. This coming year one of my main focuses will be playing most sundays while monday-sat will mostly be 180 mans or cash games (2/4 rush-200NL-400NL FR/6m). My goal for this coming year is to make 200k on poker.


Mental Turmoil 

Outside poker


Figured its about time to throw up a blog post. The last few months have been pretty hectic with the moving to austin and my poker career switch over the past 3 years ive been playing mainly hu sngs but, about a month ago i switched to 180 mans/mtts/satelites and just 21 tabling these. The switch kinda came out of nowhere I was playing a 180 man and hit first for like 1.7k then that same day played a couple mtts making 3 fts all for 3.5kish (all mtts were smaller buyins). After that I played the next day and got 3rd in the 11r for 6k and hvae been playing ever seen. My highest score in the last month was a wsop package for 12k. For the time being im going to stick to whats working might eventually go back to hu sngs if this goes sour. Update soon hopefully gl all

Goals for June

-2500 games

-15k profit

-workout twice a week

-only smoke twice a day

overdue update 

Well, lots have gone down over the past few months. I finished school thankfully and am now living in austin Texas. Austin has been a interesting change most individuals are extremely nice and awesome. Ive began to tell people my real occupation since out here and have noticed that many individuals are geniually interested in it which is a culture change from back home where people just dont believe you or dont care. The only negative thing ive had to deal with is the bars directly around me close at 10ish which sucks forcing me to drive 20 mins away to find bars open till 2.

Poker has been fine when ive played still grinding the lower stakes anywhere from 55-110. Ive developed a sample size over the past 3 months where im making around 74 bucks a hour with rakeback when 4 tabling. This gives me a ton of confidence because now all i need to do is force myself to work more hours.