xSCWx Video 04 - $230s on Full Tilt 

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xSCWx Video 03 - $230 and $520 games 

xSCWx plays the $230 and $520 husngs on Full Tilt Poker.

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RyPac13 Video 05 - Two tabling $11.50 on PokerStars 


RyPac13 two tables $11.50 on Pokerstars.  Included is a section in the end where RyPac makes a bad decision and pays for it, but talks about and reflects on it after the game.  Tips on how to constantly analyze and review your play are discussed.

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Croixdawg Video 03 

In this video, Croixdawg talks about extracting value, picking up patterns against a familiar opponent and how to adjust when shortstacked.

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Croixdawg Video 02 

In this video, Croixdawg talks about drawing hands, varying play with small pairs and playing pots against players who have lost multiple consecutive pots.

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