xSCWx Video 08 - Two $230s against LAG players 


This video is of xSCWx playing two different loose/aggressive opponents.

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xSCWx Video 07 - Some games for fun against avd7a 


I decided to play two tables for fun against a friend of mine. He is a winning 5/10 HU and 6max player. One table is 50BB deep with no blind increase. The other is 200BB deep with no blind increase.

Warning: This video was created for fun so the quality is much lower than in the other videos. The gameplay is serious, but I have my TV running in the background.

 xSCWx: I might have been a little harsh with my description of this video. It isn't recorded as professionally as the others, but it is still a high quality video in terms of strategy in my opinion.

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Skates Video 08 - Playing The $57.50 Games, Again 


Skates plays a $57.50 turbo HUSNG on his Poker Stars username psimalive.  Included is discussion 3betting preflop and balancing your ranges post flop.  Also, Skates gets caught in a bad bluff and gets crushed :).

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Skates Video 07 - Playing The $57.50 Games 

Skates plays a $57.50 turbo HUSNG on his Poker Stars username psimalive.  Included is lots of discussion on 3-betting preflop, including thoughts on ranges and sizing.

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Croixdawg Video 06 - Part 2 

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