Alcohol in the purest form

Hey my homies, this is 18year4poker up and runnin and stormin and gunnin in the mornin.

First of all, I want to apologize for not doing any of those HH reviews except for tinkerbell. Atleast I'm glad I got great feedback from her, so I know I did something right. For the rest, a little update on november. I started off grinding the 100's and 200's by 4-5-6 tabling all day long. But obviously, soulja boy fan has got too much ego in the fan! So he go straight up to 1100's playing the best ones out there.

Yeah, so to put it short... I've played around 30-40 (rough estimation?) matches at 1100's and 550's against players such as whaaasssupp, adonis112, persephone, la gachette and so on. It went all good, but these last 3 days.... just these last 3 days, I've seen a long bankroll growing into less than 4 inches. So I've to go back to the streets with the halve teeth chicks and start over.

Now to do this... I am planning Allycs, it will hit in '10 with '6 sacrifices in figures and regulars. But I've to go through 1st season, hence "goin  back to the streets...

My question for y'all homies is, I'm looking for a guy who has great knowledge in alcoholic drinks. I am looking for a strong (whisky/wodka/alcoholic drink) that comes in a great form of quality. The most important thing is to avoid headaches, taste less bad, and last but most importantly.... be fully effective in its drunkness production. I for one, belong to the people who drink 10 glasses of wodka but don't become drunken at all... so this drink is absolutely used for resetting the mind at crucial times.

Right now I'm living off a drink called "Dimple ".. it costs €25,-.. and contains around 0,5 to 1,0 litr. However, I'm looking for something that is 4 times better, and I'm willing to pay 4 times more. So if anyone knows an alcoholic drink that suits these requirements, let me know and you will be appreciated and rewarded.

Cliffnotes: need an alcoholic drink of high quality


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tried jager?

tried jager?

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made 30 bucks

Well well well what do we have here, 30 whole bucks! Now it's time to celebrate it with some original heineken beer.

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Regarding to the Alcohol

Regarding to the Alcohol breberages I can tell you the best whiskys brands I have tasted so far:

Whisky: Blue Label by Jhony Walker. --- Around 160€ bottle in Spain.
Black Label by Jhony Walker --- Around 20€ bottle in Spain.

Both High quality. I tasted both and I could not see the differences, so to its price i will recommend Black Label.

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I can honestly say that I

I can honestly say that I didn't understand a word of this.

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you beat me to that

you beat me to that post...I'm totally lost

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I think he may be on the

I think he may be on the alcohol already :)

So levian - wb - are you still going to be doing those HH reviews as you wanted to "give back to the community" and all that :)

Not sure what you asking regarding alcohol, but I'm sure I'll be able to help in one way or another :)

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vodka: Chopin whisky:

vodka: Chopin
whisky: Chivas Regal, Passport

have fun ;p

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mmm potatoes drink, that

mmm potatoes drink, that sounds nice. I definetly need to try that chopin out. I couldn't find the alc. % on it though since it's vodka. Any idea how much it is? I like the King lookin status on those whisky's too, i'll probably go for them when i need something strong... which i do :).... HEHEHEHEHEH....... HEH..

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is historically described as a distilled, highly alcoholic (45%–74%) beverage.

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In my country (Poland)

In my country (Poland) Chopin is 40%.
Chopin is originally from Poland so u should be looking for that ;)

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Something tells me that you

Something tells me that you shouldn't be drinking very heavily.