HSR weekly report #199: Biggest Winner - ''VbV1990''; v2the3 made the 2nd most

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Charles Hawk
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''VbV1990'' made the most this week with $87,991 profit. His average buy-in was just over $3111!

v2the3 made the 2nd most, with $28,300 profit.

''simpledude16'' made the 3rd most, with $26,483 profit.

Other profit totals

MaPokern $20,312

rams85 $17,692

OLD TIME GIN  $16,931

anthonyff $15,822

mikki696 $14,986

mikki696 $13,946

Lrslzk $9,496

Ziroto $9,194

pokedabear8 7,299

Zbinik55 $6.271

roninio1 $5,867

Rockets992 $5,366

allinrusty $5,247

PrimordialAA $5,239


Saauron1 $5,001

Serk $4,790

Oljieha $4,511

carryhero $4,494

Baby Federer $4,474

jonny9555 $4,310

mallesjakie $4,186

superman-x7 $4,175

currrr14 $4,062

drunken_star $3,673

jerje888 $3,375

IMchicken14 $3,270

Venividi1993 $3,001

voss1313 $2,893

Samar4eg $2,874

BOOMF $2,606

azn-ra $2,443

[Abs!ck]² $2,426

dhruvinkotha $2,298

spacegravy $2,292

90lovely23 $2,215

GBDay $2,171

dubbelfriss1 $2,150

I am always looking for new interview opportunities with HUSNG and Spin Reg's who play $30s and higher. Please PM me here or on 2p2 (Charles Hawk).

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What the hell happened on high stakes? Where does this money come from?

Are there any losers? :D :D :D

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At the moment VbV1990 is the

At the moment VbV1990 is the biggest beast in Normal and Turbo husng world. I'm really curious his yearly winnings. This year when I open the client I see him on 5k HU almost every time. :)

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We are not showing any

We are not showing any results for players that made less than $2,000 any week.

So you can't figure out yearly totals for players or even know if they had a bad week. Most of the complaints we had from players coincided with them having a top 3 "top losses" week previously.

Now we'll show all the high stakes players, but will focus on the positives here, so I think it's a win-win, more interest from the general public, while still saving top players from negativity surrounding rough patches and precise results.

That said, we'll have a yearly totals at the end of the year. It won't have usernames attached to it, but it will show what the HUSNG leaderboard actually looks like. That will be fun for everybody to see.